Where to Buy E Hookah Pens

I featured a few posts about electronic hookah pens and explained briefly about how to use them and what they actually are. I received a lot of emails and Facebook messages asking where you can buy electronic hookah pens. A lot of you are probably able to find e hookah pens online by simply Googling it, but it may take some time before you find a reputable shop, one that offers free shipping, the flavors you want, or whatever it may be.

fantasia portable e hookah

I personally highly recommend finding Fantasia e hookah pens and any store that carries these e hookah pens and are located in the United States is a safe bet. I have tried various brands of e hookah pens, all of which are nicotine free, which I highly recommend for you too. If you are not a cigarette smoker, then stand clear of the nicotine infused products because you don’t need it. Using a nicotine infused product when you are not a smoker would only mean that you are going to develop an addiction that you do not want. The reasons why I recommend Fantasia is because as a brand, they are highly reputable and recognized. Each pen comes in it’s own blister packaging, which is important for me, because I want to know that my pens are not tampered with. The high quality e hookah pen packs 800 puffs and a powerful battery that is able to produce sizable clouds. A big part of trying to quit smoking is the visuals of it, if you see the vapor, you feel like you’re smoking.

The main reason why Fantasia tops the competition is because of it’s unique flavors. You will not find a lot of these flavors with other manufacturers and brands. You may have heard some of these fun facts already, but some Fantasia e hookah pens were inspired by cocktails and uncommon fruit blends. They are all delicious though and I can testify to that because I have tried every single flavor by now. My favorite flavors include Purple Haze (Royal Grape), Magic Dragon (Berry Mint Mix), and Joker (Psychotic Mixed Fruit). There are ten different flavors to choose from, and what you prefer may differ from what I prefer but you will probably find a bulk of the flavors enjoyable, if not every single flavor.


Anyway, to answer the question of where you can buy Fantasia e hookah pens, one of my favorite stores to go to is: http://www.dryherbvape.net , they offer a good discounted price off each pen or if you decide you want to buy all 10 flavors, you get a steeper discount. Another great thing about this shop is that they offer free shipping in the United States and they don’t charge me any tax (probably because I’m not in the same state as them). They also offer very frequent coupon codes of up to 30% off your entire shopping cart. Hard to come by and doing very good business.

Sunshine Tomorrow

There’s sunshine tomorrow, finally! Back to work with the sun up and a Friday! I am excited as heck! There are many things that I want to this coming weekend, which I will describe a little later! I haven’t smoked cigarettes for over 3 days! Omg! Yes, I know. This is the longest I haven’t had a cigarette in a long time. Thankfully for the Fantasia e hookah pens that I purchased not long ago. These things are packed with good batteries and a good amount of juice considering one pen has lasted me well over two days.

nyc tonightttt

Anyway, tomorrow is Friday and we are heading out to this club in New York City. Yes, it is a few hours away and quite the commute, but well worth the trip on a nice weekend. This coming weekend will be one of the final nice days that we will have for the year before the winter sets in. I’m not going to be wearing any jacket, so I don’t sweat my ass off in the club. We are going to some place called Stage 48. I don’t go to NYC often so I don’t know the places there, but this spot is supposed to be good with good music and an awesome crowd. After Stage 48, we will probably be going to a strip club, then to a whiskey bar to have more drinks. It’s going to be a wild night.

If we get too messed up, we might just stay in New York, cab to a hotel. So if anybody will be in NYC and would like to hang out, or want to check out my vapes, hit me up! I will be available all night long!

Well, before then, it’s still Thursday. I’m just going to watch the MLB world series tonight. I’m not a big KC fan, so I’m routing for the New York Mets! Let’s go!

Vape Pens

Upon starting to use the Fantasia e hookah pens, I have done some more research into these products to ensure that they are in fact safe to use. I learned that they are safe to use because there is no nicotine in them. The primary ingredient in the juices that get vaporized is vegetable glycerin. VG is safe to use, according to everybody. There is no health concerns whatsoever from using it, and they boast that even if you are not a cigarette smoker, these pens are okay to use.

vaporizers vg pg

I learned a lot about vaping in general. I didn’t know there was even such a subculture and product. There are rechargeable vaporizer pens that you can purchase and use with your own juices. That means if you get sick of a juice, you can buy different juices from different brands and fill your pen up with them. These juices can cost anywhere from $10 – $15 per bottle.

I’ve seen some people go crazy with these products and spend hundreds of dollars on their vape pens. They have mods for it where you can make super big clouds with it. They even have cloud contests. A lot of people on YouTube also post videos of themselves doing tricks with the smoke, it’s actually pretty awesome.

I don’t think I’m going to invest the time and money into building my own vaporizer, so I’m going to stick with the disposable e hookah pens. I’d consider going into the vaping stuff if these e shisha pens stop working for me and I find that I really need a nicotine fix.

I’ve done some browsing and found hundreds of available flavors spread among many different stores. I’ve seen popcorn flavored, bacon, and so many more. Considering I’m a huge fan of bacon, that is actually very tempting. Then again, the flavor of bacon is probably best when you’re eating bacon rather than vaporizing liquids that taste like it. I also have my doubts about it actually tasting like bacon.

fantasia e shisha vapes

Time to Quit Smoking

I have been smoking isnce I was about 14 years old, and now I’m 29. So I’ve been smoking for 15 years. As a kid, I never thought that I’d ever be smoking and even when I did start smoking, I would’ve never though that I’d still be smoking at this age. My fiancee has been pointing it out to me and encouraging me to stop. She’s such a sweet gal. Over the years, she has gotten me nicotine patches, nicotine gum, e cigarettes, and other things to keep me away from smoking.

some fat guy vaping

This year, she got me Fantasia e hookah pens. At a glance, they looked like fancy e cigs and in my mind, I was like “meh, not impressed”. Of course, I still appreciated the gesture very much and opened up my first pen and began to use it. I was actually shocked, like jaw-dropped. It tasted great! I actually wanted to use it more than I did cigarettes and it has been working very well in helping me stay away from tobacco.

I have never even tried hookah before, but I’d done some research and read about it. It’s a tobacco based product, but not like cigarettes. You smoke it out of a pipe instead of having it rolled in paper. Hookah usually tastes like fruits and the Fantasia electronic hookah pens is an electronic version of this product. So there is no tobacco, carcinogens, or nicotine in it. It is very similar to an e cigarette but it does not have nicotine in it and it doesn’t taste like tobacco. My pen I got was called the Magic Dragon and it is Berry Mint Mix. It was a delicious flavor and was almost like a smokable candy.

fantasia e hookah shisha magic dragon
fantasia e hookah shisha magic dragon

I have been using the Fantasia e shisha pen which lasts surprisingly long (with 800 puffs) for the past three days. I haven’t touched a cigarette! I haven’t purchased any either. I have been out and every time I smell cigarettes, I get disgusted by it. I think these pens are really my gateway to quitting! Fingers crossed!

My First Post

Weekend Fun @ Mammoth Cave

Well, the Mammoth Cave is nothing new to me being that I have lived in Kentucky my entire life and have only wandered out of the state for a few months in total. Even though this cave is all so familiar to me, I still enjoy coming here every so often. The last time I came here was about three years ago and that was with my family. This time, I came with my fiancee and friends.

The Mammoth cave is an absolutely stunning sight and it’s beauty never fades. I remember the first time coming here as a kid with my parents and two brothers. We were so amazed by it and felt like there was so much to discover here. More than 20 years later, I still feel the same way about the cave.

mammoth cave while high

This time was a little different aside from who I came with, and being a little older now, we were also very high. We smoke weed occasionally, I’d say about several times a month. My closest friend, Gary, smokes almost on a daily basis. He carries around this dry herb vaporizer and is constantly talking about weed, 420, and the vape pen. It gets old and annoying sometimes but I love him to death. Well, being high on this cave tour wasn’t a scary experience even though it sounds scary. Of course we were there during the day time and the tour guide made sure that nobody got lost. Do people ever get lost? I’m sure they do, but that has never been an issue for me.

While I was high, I found myself thinking a lot about the future and what I wanted to do. Right now, I’m a photographer for a magazine. It’s supposed to be fun (or at least how I imagined it), but every day is a drag and I find myself dreading weekdays. I do enjoy taking photographs and have spent a bulk of my savings on cameras and shooting accessories. There is a lot of nature here in Kentucky, and I guess that was a part of why I wanted to get into photography in the first place. I told myself that I’d sleep on it and take my time to figure that out.

My nikon d90

After we got through with the cave, we went by the Derby and got some hamburgers. My favorite, the Jack Daniel Hick’s Burger. It’s packed with barbecue sauce, pulled pork, 12 ounces of lean beef, onions, mushroom, and some say actual Jack Daniel’s Whiskey.

t writing!